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These professional Lay The Draw tips are updated automatically and are based on our smart stats algorithms. We post the strongest picks that meet our strict filters to save you time going through the stats and picking your own selections. All you need to do is choose which tips you wish to follow and check for updates every day. On this page, we include tips for LAY THE DRAW (LTD) markets that can be traded on the Betfair exchange. Alternatively, you can use traditional bookmakers – Double Chance markets (12 option).

LTD is one of the most popular and common football in-play trading strategies. It involves laying the draw, which means betting against the draw – in other words, we win if the match doesn’t finish as a draw. That’s the case when you leave your trades as bets (which you can do with this system). However, when trading you are in control and you can hedge your bet (cash out) as soon as one of the teams scores and lock an equal profit regardless of the final score. This strategy can be used with bookmakers in case of low liquidity or Saturday 3 pm trading sessions or lower leagues and competitions.

Don’t get us wrong – our systems are based on sophisticated statistical algorithms and we are pleased with the results, so you can trade and bet on them without any further analysis. However, it’s always possible to improve the selections further to increase your winning rate and profits. Sadly this can’t be done automatically, so we will try to give you further advice on how to shortlist the best selections and how to avoid some lost trades.

Consider the following for your LTD trades and bets:

  • Look for competitive matches with teams or one team still having something to play for (e.g. title, relegation, progression etc.)
  • Check the selections for major injuries or key players missing the game. You will need at least one goal to hedge your trade, so you don’t want those star strikers to be missing that game.
  • Check the weather conditions – you don’t want the game to be played in very heavy rain, snow or very strong wind.
  • Pitch condition – as above, very bad pitches (waterlogged, covered in snow, muddy) are tricky to play on and can often prevent goals to be scored and finishing goalless.
  • Check the market and odds comparison websites for the odds for the draw. Stay alarmed, if those are heavily steaming and there is plenty of money backing the draw.

Please note:

  • All current selections are available for members only.
  • You can filter Major (1) and Minor (0) leagues and competitions by the M. field.
  • We don’t post profit/loss figures for the trading tips systems as those will vary on odds and times of closing the trades.
  • The quoted odds are guide odds only provided by Bet365 and will often differ from the best Betfair’s odds.
  • To keep it as easy as possible, we keep track of wins and losses, as if they were left as bets.
  • Furthermore, the only losing trades were the ones finishing 0-0, unless you did any 0-0 scalping before the match started. Therefore most of those matches we marked as lost bets would have been successfully cashed out when a goal came in, even though they finished as draws.
  • You can download the selections or print them using the buttons on the top right side above the table.
  • If you see ‘No data available in table’, that means there are no current selections for this system.
  • If there are no tips for a few consecutive days, please get in touch and check whether everything is working ok.

Most major competitions matches are available at Betfair Exchange, others will be available for manual LTD with bookmakers – check at for the latest odds.

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