Live Football Scanner - Major Leagues & Competitions

Welcome to the Live Football Scanner for major leagues and competitions. This fantastic in-play betting tool constantly monitors all current live football matches and helps to identify some good football betting & trading opportunities. It sorts all the in-play matches by the highest last 10 minutes game intensity based on our unique algorithms. It’s perfect for finding matches with good chances of more goals being scored. It updates automatically and uses live data from the most reputable bookmaker – Bet365.

  • This scanner monitors all in-play matches, but will display only TOP 15 matches sorted by the highest combined last 10 minutes Game Intensity (GI) figures.
  • The Game Intensity – full 90 minutes chart with recorded goals (including disallowed goals) is included to give you a better idea and understanding of the game intensity and flow of the game.
  • A match will be displayed after 10 minutes of game play have lapsed.
  • A match will be hidden for the duration of the Half-Time.
  • Please note that the GI numbers may be higher than they actually are in the 10 minute interval after the Half-Time. The GI figures include events from the injury time added at the end of the 1st half. Hence we recommend using the 2nd half Last 10 minutes GI figures after the 58th minute.
  • The scanner is very slightly behind the live action due to the time taken for refreshing, calculating and updating all the current data, odds & GI figures.
  • Please remember that you can use the #LiveBuilder’s provided alerts – High Intesity 1st and 2nd alerts to draw your attention to the most lively matches.

You can use the Game Intensity scanner for Lower Leagues & Competitions only! The full mode is available in the FTT & PRO memberships.

Major Leagues and Competitions

In-play Football Game Intensity Scanner
There are currently no matches for the scanner to monitor. FREE MEMBERS - you can use the Game Intensity scanner for Lower Leagues & Competitions only!
Please come back when your desired matches start playing.

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