Best Back 1st Half Home & Back 1st Half Away Stats (First Half Win Stats)

Welcome to the best Best Back 1st Half Home & Back 1st Half Away stats for today and tomorrow! Find your back home win & back away win tips, selections, bets and trades in seconds! No need to check hundreds of stats manually looking for the best selections anymore!

Football back 1st half home bets and trades are equivalent to betting on the home team to win the first half (45 minutes only). Back 1H home is a term used in football trading and betting on Exchanges such as Betfair.

Similarly, back 1st half away bets will be won when the away team wins at the half-time.

Stats Explanations

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  • We provide two separate models for our BACK & LAY stats – All Competitions and Single Competitions. The stats are calculated based on matches from all competitions (excluding friendlies) or the current competition only.
  • The stats are updated a couple of days in advance. E.g. when you come and visit this page on Thursday, you will be able to see stats for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The stats for Sundays will be updated on Fridays etc.
  • There are options to order stats by date, KO Time, Average %, country or competition etc.
  • We strongly recommend ordering stats by Home & Away Average % and sort from highest to lowest percentages.
  • We cover pretty much all world’s football competitions and split them into major and minor leagues & competitions. You can filter them via the major field (1 – major, 0 – minor).
  • If you see any errors in stats, problems with displaying tables, have any feedback or questions, then please get in touch.

Stats Headers

Headers for the stats in the tables below:

  • HL20 – Home Team’s last 20 matches
  • HL10H – Home Team’s last 10 matches at Home
  • HL6 – Home Team’s last 6 matches
  • AL20 – Away Team’s last 20 matches
  • AL10A – Away Team’s last 10 away matches
  • AL6 – Away Team’s last 6 matches
  • AVG H– Average of the 3 stats for the home team
  • AVG A – Averages of the 3 stats for the away team
  • H2H No – Number of Head 2 Head matches (max last 8 meetings)
  • H2H H – Number of matches finished in the 1st half home win in the H2H meetings
  • H2H A – Number of matches finished as 1H away win in the H2H meetings

Best Back 1st Half Home & Back 1st Half Away Stats (First Half Win Stats)

These stats are calculated from the last 20, 10 home/away and last 6 matches of both teams from ALL COMPETITIONS

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